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Kids need their downtime just like everyone else. After a long day at school and completing their homework, kids deserve to relax and enjoy themselves! This does not mean however that you cannot encourage educational activities for their downtime. Some of these activities are so much fun that your child won’t even realize that they are learning and developing their problem solving skills.

As a teacher, one of my goals is to help children realize the joys of learning! There are endless ways to encourage learning at home, even in our down time. Read below for some tips and suggestions:

Television and Movies: Just like many adults, most kids love to relax by watching TV or a good movie. Try to find channels and programs such as the History channel that promote learning. There are also many great documentaries out there today, and many of them are suitable and enjoyable for the entire family. Take a look at your neighbourhood video store or try Netflix which offers unlimited films for a very reasonable price.

Books and Reading: If your child already enjoys reading in their downtime, then learning and development is already being encouraged in your home! Some kids like to read more than others just by nature, and there is not much that can be done about this. Reading is a great way for your child to expand their knowledge, vocabulary, and to exercise their brain. If your child does not enjoy reading novels, consider other ways to encourage reading, such as magazines or graphic novels. All reading is good reading!

Video and Computer Games: In today’s world, being computer literate is necessary, especially for the younger generations. There is no doubt that technology will remain a part of our children’s education and that these learned skills will be required for future careers. Allow your kids to build on these skills at home. There are many positive video games that encourage learning and/or exercise, such as Wii. If you do not have a game system however, there are many websites and programs online that are educational too!

Day Trips: In Toronto, there are many places to bring your kids for a both fun and educational day. Some examples are the Ontario Science Centre, the ROM, Reptilia, and Black Creek Pioneer Village, just to name a few. Check out their websites to find promotions and discounts throughout the year!

Children learn through play and discovery, especially at a young age. This type of learning and growth should remain significant in the education of children for as long as possible. Remember that learning is not just about math and reading but that the development of other skills such as problem solving is essential for your child.

Downtime is essential for the development of kids, and just as we as adults need our downtime to relax and regenerate, kids need this time too! They will ultimately learn in a more productive way if they are rested and have outlets, and thankfully many of these outlets can provide both education fun and relaxation!

What are your children’s favourite activities? Please share them with my readers. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site!

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